The Benefits of Isometric Exercise

Isometric exercises like the kind enabled by Activ5 provide a number of benefits for everyone, from elite athletes to fitness newbies alike. Key benefits of isometrics include:

Measuring and Tracking Strength

Activ5 measures the strength of individual muscles with a precision that goes far beyond the “one-rep max” or incremental progress of weight training or other analog approaches. By engaging in quick isometric exercises focused on specific areas of the body, you can understand exactly how you are or are not progressing in building strength, isolate the areas that need work, and see your progress grow over time with granular, highly accurate data.

Building Muscle Symmetry

By measuring the strength of individual muscles and how they change over time, Activ5 an help isolate asymmetrical muscles and offer workouts to improve symmetry. Competitive athletes, for example, often develop strength asymmetrically by repeatedly engaging in activities that favor one set of muscles on one side of the body over the other. Consider a right-handed tennis player, for example, or a left-handed baseball pitcher, putting constant strain on a set of muscles on arm but not the other. Maintaining muscle symmetry is an important element of a well-balanced fitness regimen and can help reduce the risk of injury.

Injury Prevention

Activ5 is useful in injury prevention in a few different ways. Activating, or “turning on” certain muscles through isometric exercise is a highly effective warm-up or supplemental technique when engaging in rigorous exercise or strength-training and helps reduce the risk of injury. Perhaps more significantly, the trove of data the Activ5 app offers gives you a detailed and valuable view of the progress and effectiveness of your training efforts, helping you avoid overtaxing specific muscles and focus on building strength in key areas that will help improve overall fitness and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Recovering Muscle Mass and Building Endurance

Not only do high-performance athletes, from professional football players to aspiring Olympians, use Activ5 to supplement their workout, the device is also used by physical therapists all over the world to help their patients recover strength and agility in specific muscles groups. Isometric exercises can help reduce pain in injured muscles while building muscles mass and improving endurance, and the Activ5 is an ideal tool to assess, measure and track progress while recovering from injury.