Isometric Shoulder Exercises: Activ5 Simple Daily Workout Series Part 3

Part 3 of the Simple Daily Workout series focuses on isometric shoulder exercises to strengthen your shoulder joints and improve your range of motion. Your shoulders are more susceptible to injury, because they have more range of motion than any other joint in your body.

Your shoulder joints are kept stable and functioning properly by muscles in your rotator cuff.  These muscles are key to the activities of your daily routine, such as house and yard work, shopping, playing with the kids, and of course sports.  Weaknesses in any rotator cuff muscles can cause instability and injury. Imagine a golf or baseball swing, tennis serve, or swimming without a healthy shoulder.

To be sure, you exercise your shoulder muscles with presses, rows, curls, and other isometric exercises, but we want you to focus your isometric holds on your shoulders to keep them strong, flexible, and stable.

Isometric Deltoid Exercises

The largest muscle in your shoulder muscle group is the deltoid, the triangular muscle that gives your shoulder its rounded shape. While some of these isometric shoulder exercises are named for other muscle groups, concentrate on your shoulder muscles with your isometric holds throughout the Active5 shoulder workout.

Single Arm Chest Press

This is like the traditional bench press, but you can do this seated or standing up.

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • Extend your left arm to the side with your elbow bent at 90 degrees
  • Place Activ5 with your right hand in front of your left fist
  • Press your left fist into Activ5, while squeezing your chest
  • Keep both elbows bent at 90-degrees.

Both of your arms should be parallel to the floor, with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Repeat on your right side.

Standing Shoulder Press

This is similar to the traditional “military” press and can be done seated or standing.

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • Bend your left elbow by your side, fist up
  • Place Activ5 on top of your fist
  • Place your right palm on top of Activ5, keeping your arm at 90 degrees
  • Squeeze your left shoulder muscles as you press Activ5

Your right arm should be parallel to the floor. Let Activ5 engage your shoulder muscles. Repeat on your right side.

Side Bend Press

While this exercise works your core, you’ll feel it working your shoulders from the contact point all the way up the side of your neck.

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • Place Activ5 on your desk in front of your right arm
  • Place your right palm on Activ5
  • Bend sideways slightly to the right
  • Press Activ5 as you squeeze your oblique muscles

Push down with the heel of your palm using your triceps and obliques. Repeat on your right side.

Using Isometrics in Shoulder Rotation Exercises

Isometric shoulder rotation exercises can be both internal and external, referring to the placement of the muscle within and around your shoulder joint. These are commonly used in rehabilitation exercises.

Shoulder External Rotation

This is a common isometric shoulder exercises in shoulder rehab and has several variations.  

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • Place Activ5 above your left wrist with your right hand
  • Bend your left elbow to 90 degrees and rotate it slightly to the left
  • Press Activ5 with your left forearm and right palm
  • Focus on squeezing the back of your shoulder and upper back

Remember to keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and press with your forearm against your right palm. Repeat on your right side.

Front Shoulder Raise

This simulates a popular free-weight or kettlebell exercise you’ve probably done a few times. It’s also one of the leading causes of shoulder injuries during a workout. Isometric shoulder exercises keep it safe.

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • With your right hand, place Activ5 above your left elbow
  • Cross and lift your arms away from your body
  • Press your left arm up and into Activ5, squeezing your chest and front shoulder
  • Keep your arms parallel to the ground

Press with your elbow and left palm and hold both arms parallel to the floor.  Repeat on your right side.


The hook is always fun and part of other workouts like our isometric arm workouts. Feel free to over indulge!

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • Make a fist with your left hand
  • Bend and bring your left elbow up, keep your forearm parallel to the ground.
  • Activ5 with your right hand in front of your left fist
  • Press Activ5 with your left fist and right palm

Keep both arms parallel to the floor. Press Activ5 between the heel of your palm and fist. Repeat on your right side.

Zen Chest Press

You can easily add some variety to this exercise by extending your arms out straight (Chest Fly) and then lowered (Lower Chest Fly). Each exercise will work a different area of your rotator cuff.

Isometric Shoulder Exercises

  • Hold Activ5 between both hands in prayer position with your elbows out
  • Lift your hands, so your palms are just above eye level
  • Press Activ5 with both palms by squeezing your chest muscles

Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and press with the heels of your palms.  

Rotator Cuff Tear Exercises and Shoulder Rehab Exercises

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common sports related injuries. Rehabbing a shoulder injury should be done under the care of your physician and licensed physical therapist. Activ5 is perfect for shoulder pain rehab, rotator cuff exercises after surgery, and general isometric shoulder exercises for physical therapy.

Chest Fly

If you are rehabbing from an injury, take it slowly and don’t push too hard. Again, all rehab should be done under professional supervision.

Shoulder Rehab Exercises

  • Hold Activ5 between both hands in prayer positions with your arms stretched out in front of you
  • Press both palms into Activ5 and squeeze your chest muscles

Straighten your back and pull your shoulders back to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise. Press with the heels of your palms. Vary this exercise with the lower chest fly.  

French Triceps Press

As with the hook, this exercise focuses on your arm muscles but it’s perfect for shoulder rehab too.

Shoulder Rehab Exercises

  • Bend and lift your left elbow to eye level
  • Make a fist with your left hand
  • Place Activ5 on the bottom of your left fist with your right palm
  • Press Activ5 with your left fist and right palm, as you squeeze your shoulder muscles

Like the chest fly, keep your back straight and shoulders back. Press Activ5 with the heels of your palms. Repeat on your right side.

Iso Knee Push-Up

If you’re rehabbing, make sure you can safely get up and down from the floor before attempting these isometric shoulder exercises.

Shoulder Pain

  • Begin on all fours with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Place Activ5 under your left palm
  • Bend your elbows to 90 degrees, so that you are in a half push-up position
  • Press Activ5 as you squeeze your chest, shoulder and core muscles
  • Keep your elbows out

Keep your elbows bent at 90 degrees and press with the heel of your left palm. Repeat on your right side.

Using Activ5 shoulder exercises for shoulder rehab and shoulder strengthening

We rely on our shoulders for more than we give them credit for. Just ask anyone who’s had a shoulder injury or deals with chronic shoulder pain. Thanks to Activ5’s zero-impact isometric workout, you can strengthen your shoulders as part of your full-body workout routine or safely rehab shoulder and other muscle related injuries. If you are doing shoulder exercises for rehab, be sure and share your Activ5 with your physical therapist.

Activ5 is the best isometric workout device you can find.  It’s portable, quick, and easy to use, so you can squeeze in short, full-body, low-impact workouts throughout your day, whether it’s at home, on the road, at the office, or wherever you happen to be.

Next, the Activ5 workout series focuses on isometric leg exercises. This series is the best isometric workout available and will strengthen and tighten your body, giving you the results you want faster than you thought possible. But it only works with the Activ5 portable fitness device and smartphone app. Get one today, and you will understand how powerful and effective isometric exercise can be.

Why Isometric Exercise is More Efficient Than Working Out at the Gym

Do you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) both recommend that all adults participate in muscle strength training exercises at least twice a week? Besides improving overall fitness and balance, strength training will help protect you from back and other skeletal injuries. Many think that strength training means that they need to go to the gym, but that’s not true. In fact, isometric exercises can be performed easily pretty-much anywhere and isometric workout results have been proven to build muscle strength in less time than fancy gym machines.

Isometric Training Results Take Less Time Than Going to the Gym

It’s difficult for most of us to set aside a large chunk of time for exercise. In addition to the time you actually spend working out, you have to consider the drive to your gym, putting on athletic gear, and waiting for equipment to become available. Without at least an hour of free time, you can forget about the gym.

Isometric exercises don’t take nearly as long because your isometric gym is basically anywhere. Research shows exercising with isometrics can be much more efficient than working out with commercial weight-lifting equipment. An article published in the Journal of Applied Research shows that isometric exercises results in 4.1 to 15.9 times more muscle work in an equivalent time than a similar exercise on a weight machine. So if you’re short on time, isometric workout results may help you reach your fitness goals faster.

The Science Behind Isometric Workout Results

The Journal of Applied Research study shows that isometric exercise benefits muscles in several ways. Since dynamic exercises such as lifting weights require muscles to contract and relax, they pump blood back to the heart. Isometric exercise’s sustained muscle effort, however, temporarily stops blood from flowing freely.

Preventing blood flow deprives oxygen from your mitochondria and stimulates the production of free oxygen radicals. This in turn reduces the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Since a lower concentration of ATP has been associated with building muscle strength, you can expect to get faster results from isometric exercises than dynamic exercises.

This may sound a bit complicated, but it’s just a scientific way of explaining why isometric exercises improve muscle strength faster than dynamic exercise. When you’re looking for quick results, it makes sense to choose an isometric fitness program because of how the exercises effect your muscles.

It’s Easy to Stay Interested in Isometric Exercises

Lifting weights can be boring. Even when you listen to fun music, it’s hard to stay interested in traditional exercise plans that keep you in the gym. Isometric training results can come more quickly and keep you more motivated.

The Activ5 from Activbody will help to keep you interested in working out. The Activ5 gamifies workouts, so you stay more engaged while you exercise. The amount of pressure you apply to the Activ5 device controls how your character moves in games. That mean great results while having fun.  You’ll stay so focused on Activ5 games that you’ll breeze through workout sessions without feeling bored. Activ5’s mobile app also creates personalized isometric workouts.

Going to the gym is the most popular way for people to gain strength, but it isn’t the most efficient. When you want fast isometric workout results without spending a lot of money or wasting valuable time, isometric exercise is clearly the better option.