Get Ready for Fall with Our Activ5 Sale

Normally, the end of summer signals a fresh start. Kids head back to school, families return from vacation, fall sports kick off and we prepare to head into the home stretch of the year with renewed vigor and focus.

Well, it’s safe to say that things are more than a bit different this year. Kids may or may not be heading back into a classroom, and if they are then school probably looks a lot different than it did six months ago. Most families eschewed a summer vacation and played it safe in the face of a global epidemic. The tenuous state of organized sports changes from day to day, and vigor and focus can be hard to find in these unprecedented times.

But none of that means you have to sacrifice your own health, happiness or sense of well-being. In fact, staying strong both mentally and physically is more important now than ever. You don’t have to compromise your exercise routine because it’s harder to get to the gym or hit that crowded hiking trail, and just because your kids may be stuck at home in virtual school doesn’t mean they don’t need to stay active. You just need to get a little creative, and that’s where we come in. To celebrate Labor Day weekend and help kickstart your fitness efforts heading into fall, we’re offering the Activ5 portable strength training device at a sale price of only $99 on Amazon until September 8th at 11:59pm EST.  The Activ5 lets you squeeze in a strength-building workout anytime, anywhere, using only a small device and an app on your smartphone. It’s great for kids, adults and seniors alike, and it’s a great way to measure and track your strength over time so that you can make sure you’re ready for whatever comes next. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon today, and be sure and select the coupon box prior to checkout to activate the discount.

How to Work Out Effectively During Your Lunch Break

Staying fit and healthy is of the utmost importance. Not only does it improve your mood and strengthen your muscles, but it’s a well-known fact that physical activity boosts your immune system. However, not everyone has the luxury of time for a lengthy gym session. Even a work-from-home setup can be extremely demanding. This is why we need to take every opportunity to relax, and squeezing in a workout during lunch might just do the trick.

How does exercise benefit work?

Not only will your immunity get a healthy boost, your work productivity might see some significant gains, too. According to experts from Harvard University, exercise has a positive impact on your cognitive abilities. These include better memory, concentration, learning ability, and creativity.

And although some people prefer exercising before or after work, a lunchtime sweat session might be more beneficial for workplace productivity. In fact, Gala Bingo states that exercise can help you beat the afternoon slump — or that sluggish feeling that usually hits you between 1PM and 3PM. A quick cardio session can help counter those effects, such as headaches, fatigue, and mood swings, all of which affect your ability to work productively.

So, here’s how you can maximize your workouts at lunch:

Dress for success

Sleeping in your exercise clothes is one useful trick that many fitness enthusiasts swear by. Getting dressed truly is half the battle and putting on your workout gear the night before, or even laying them out, can help you find the motivation you need.

But you might not want to wake up all sweaty in your leggings. Instead, you can opt to get dressed in exercise gear after your morning shower. Preparing your equipment ahead of time is another hack, but make sure to display your gear where you can see it. This way, you won’t forget about your lunchtime workout.

Plan ahead and prepare

Scheduling your routine ahead of time is another key to success. You can use a calendar to schedule your workout plan for the week. It can be something like this:

• Monday – HIIT
• Tuesday – 45-minute yoga
• Wednesday – Rest
• Thursday – 30-minute cardio
• Friday – Isometric exercises

Writing down these goals can keep you motivated. And if you’re having a hard time, you can always sign up for an app to plan your workouts for you. All you have to do is to put in the actual work.

When in doubt, try HIIT

A lot of people don’t have access to equipment right now. But there’s no reason to worry, because body weight exercises will always be available to you. To make squats and push-ups even more effective, incorporate them into your high intensity interval training or HIIT.

Studies show that 20-minute HIIT routines can burn more calories than steady-state workouts, like running on a treadmill. And that’s perfect, given the limited amount of time that you have! But don’t be fooled by the short session — HIIT will definitely get your heart pumping.

Or, try desk exercises

Desk exercises can give you a quick energy boost on days when you just can’t get away from work even to eat lunch. For instance, you can try doing sideways rows using Activ5 and work on your upper body strength. For a lower body exercise, you can work on pistol squats without leaving your chair.

Another example of a desk routine is chair yoga. Simple moves like seated cat and cow or sideway stretches can help you release tension along your spine. It’s perfect for people who are always hunched over their computer for work.

Meal prep your lunch

Preparing your meals over the weekend or even in the morning can free up some time to work out during lunch. You can simply enjoy your food later at your desk when you get back to work.

But while a lunch break workout may just be the boost that you need, there’s no reason that you should be limiting yourself to this period. You can always adjust and work out in the morning or in the evening — the important thing is that you’re getting a healthy amount of exercise no matter the time of day.

5 Essential Isometric Exercises For Getting Faster and Stronger

When it comes to building strength and speed, isometrics might not be the first thing that comes to mind, however, continued research has shown that incorporating low-impact, high-intensity isometric workouts into your training program can actually have a dramatic impact on improving performance as an athlete. 

So what’s the hype all about with isometric training? 

Isometric holds are valuable for many reasons. They’re practical because they result in less soreness than concentric and eccentric movements, which is key for athletes that need to perform on a daily basis. On top of that, isometrics also activate key muscle groups by putting athletes at near-maximum or maximum contractions, and are a safe means to test max strength for muscles and movements, but above all they’re convenient and can complement an already existing training program. So if isometrics are so beneficial, why haven’t all athletes incorporated them into their fitness routines? 

Well for one, it’s traditionally been hard to track progress and motivate athletes with isometrics, so coaches have shied away from adding them into their training programs. Other criticisms of this training method have been that it’s not engaging or “fun” enough for athletes, but what if there was a tool that put all these criticisms to rest? (Spoiler alert: there is and it’s called the Activ5).

5 Isometric Exercises for Increasing Speed & Strength:

1. Plank Crush: A strong core is a basic requirement for improving running skills and the plank is one of the most effective isometric exercises to accomplish that. 

For this exercise, begin on your elbows and knees. Place the Activ5 under both palms and straighten your legs, keeping them hip-width apart. Keep your back straight. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulder to your feet. Press the Activ5 as you squeeze your core muscles.

Plank Crush

2. Side Plank: We like to think of the side plank as a better version of oblique ab crunches. They work the core and back muscles, which again, are crucial for increasing speed and strength.

To begin the side plank, lie on your left side, resting on your forearm. Keep your elbow directly below your shoulder. Place the Activ5 directly below your right hip bone and lift your hips off the ground by contracting your core. Keep your back flat and your body in straight line. Press the Activ5 as you squeeze your core muscles. Repeat on the opposite side.

Side Plank

3. Wall Squat: Squats are one of the most effective exercises out there when it comes to sprinting and building speed. They improve stability and strength all while working to prevent injury. 

Start with your back against the wall and place the Activ5 under your left heel. Slide down the wall into a squat position. Reach your arms in front of you so they are parallel to the floor. Press your left heel into the Activ5 while squeezing your left quad. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Wall Squat

4. Single Leg Bridge: A great exercise for posterior chain development, which some say is the secret to speed

To perform this exercise, lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground hip-width apart. Place the Activ5 under your left heel and lift your right leg off the ground, keeping your right knee slightly bent. Press the Activ5 into the floor, as you squeeze your left glute to lift your hips off the ground. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Single Leg Bridge

5. Kickback Lunge: Isometric lunges stimulate the quads, hamstrings and hips — all muscles crucial in accelerating speed

For the Kickback Lunge, you’ll start by placing the Activ5 under the ball of your left foot. Lunge forward with your right leg, keeping your torso upright and hands in prayer position. Squeeze the ball of your left foot down and back into the Activ5 while squeezing your left glute. Repeat on the opposite leg.

Kickback Lunge

The Activ5 smart isometric training device and its companion training app let you get simple, powerful and effective workouts in that are customized to your specific goals. Used in tandem with your already existing training routine, there are hundreds of exercises that can be done with the Activ5 to test strength and increase speed. Check it out here.