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Top questions related to Activforce <--> Activforce 2 compatibility

Will Activforce V1 be sunsetted?

Yes, once we have the premium features.

If an existing user does not want to upgrade from V1 will they still be able to use the features (but not the dashboard)?

If you have the app installed, yes for a time. Eventually no because we won’t support the old code infrastructure infinitely (see sunsetting above).

If an Activforce V1 User has an account can they login to Activforce v2?

Yes, but none of the data from V1 will be available in V2. The user must have had a trial or license code attached to their account so when we update our database we assign the correct authorization. So if you have ever used a Trial or License activation code on your account you will be able to login to V2.

If someone purchases Activforce V2 can they login to V1?

No, they will need to request an activation code from support. Once they have an activation code they will be able log into V1.

Will a User’s data from V1 be available in V2?

Yes, but it will be updated to fit the new structure. When we support patient management in the future premium subscription, we will do a one-time migration so AF users who have saved patient data can view that data in the new app. Following that migration, any data saved in the old app will not be viewable in the new app and vice versa.

Will a User’s data from V2 be available in V1?

No, data will not be available in V1 that is created in V2.

How does a V2 user activate their account?

This is done by connecting an IMU device that is sold as an Activforce Device. After they signup or login, we ask them to connect their device. If that device has not been used to activate another account it will associate that device to their account for activation purposes.

Can a user use the IMU device with V1?

Yes, it will only do force testing but it can be used with V1.

Activforce App

Objectively measure your patients’ strength and symmetry

Activforce App

Quick Test

Best for quick, on-the-go assessments, the Quick Test measures your patient’s peak force and force-to-weight ratio. Data from the Quick Test cannot be saved or viewed on the ActivForce Dashboard.

Standard Mode

Standard Mode allows you to create patient profiles, select from muscle testing protocols, save, and view patient data on the ActivForce Dashboard.

Activforce Dashboard

The ActivForce Dashboard gives you access to the patient data collected in the ActivForce App. The dashboard allows you to view and chart your patients’ progress over time, as well as export the information for patient records, physician progress notes, etc.

Your free 60-day dashboard trial will be activated when you register at


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