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Download the app

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Register with your activation code

Follow directions in the app

Follow directions in the app

Top 5 questions related to setup

How can you access patients’ data in the app?

Patient test data is stored in the ActivForce Dashboard, which can be accessed from a web browser at the following link:

You are given a free 60-day trial with your purchase of the Activforce Kit, but it requires a yearly subscription once the trial period ends. For more information on dashboard pricing, please email [email protected].

Do the Activforce accessories affect the accuracy of the measurements while strength testing?

No, using the accessories does not affect the accuracy when strength testing.

However, if you notice that when you put the Accessory Attachment/Vest on your Activ5 device that it starts to measure force without applying any additional pressure to it, there is a way to reset the device back to 0.

If that is the case, please follow the following steps:
1. click the settings button on the top right corner of your Activforce app
2. click “Tare Activ5” (your Activ5 device must be connected to the app in order for this to work)

Where can I access strength testing guides?

Tap the Settings icon and select Help. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to view the Activforce Strength Testing Guides.

How do I use the Activforce accessories?

The Accessory Attachment is placed around the Activ5 device. For proper fit, slip it around the device so that the Activ5 logos on both items match positions. Once the Accessory Attachment is on, it can be used to attach the other accessories.

The wraps are used to attach the Activ5 device to different body parts (i.e. palms, wrists, feet, etc.). Simply wrap it around your body part of choice and attach the Activ5 device for use.

For more assistance on how to use the Activforce accessories, tap the Settings icon on the top right corner of your app and select Help. Then, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click Activ5 Accessory Manual.

How do I connect my Activ5 device to the Activforce app?

To connect your Activ5 to your iOS or Android device for the FIRST time:
1 – After you enter your info the app, you’ll see a blue “Connect Device” button. Click the button and turn on your Activ5 device.

2 – Once the Activ5 device is on, the blinking BLUE light will start (on your phone, make sure Bluetooth is ON)

3 – The app will see your Activ5, which will have a name like “Activ5 XX-XXXX”

4 – Tap on your Activ5’s name & the light on the Activ5 will turn GREEN – connected!

5 – Give your Activ5 its own name (e.g. “Pat’s Activ5”)

NOTE: The steps above are to be done within the Activforce app itself, not in your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings.

To connect your Activ5 to your iOS or Android device AFTER the first time:
AFTER the first time, your phone & your Activ5 will know each other.

1 – Open the app on your phone & turn on your Activ5

2 – Your Activ5 light will turn from BLUE to GREEN and you’re connected!

3 – Select a patient and protocol and start testing

If you are having connection issues, here is how you can troubleshoot:
1 – make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone’s SETTINGS, airplane mode sometimes shuts off Bluetooth

– If step 1 doesn’t work, then:

a) Turn off Bluetooth in your phone’s SETTINGS
b) Quit the Activ5 app
c) Turn ON Bluetooth in your phone’s SETTINGS
d) OPEN the Activ5 app

Android Users:
Check your Activ5 permissions if you are still having issues connecting. To do that:
1 – Go to Settings in your phone or tablet –> Click Apps –> Click App Permissions
2 – Select Activ5 & make sure location permission is ON

Activforce App

Objectively measure your patients’ strength and symmetry

Activforce App

Quick Test

Best for quick, on-the-go assessments, the Quick Test measures your patient’s peak force and force-to-weight ratio. Data from the Quick Test cannot be saved or viewed on the ActivForce Dashboard.

Standard Mode

Standard Mode allows you to create patient profiles, select from muscle testing protocols, save, and view patient data on the ActivForce Dashboard.

Activforce Dashboard

The ActivForce Dashboard gives you access to the patient data collected in the ActivForce App. The dashboard allows you to view and chart your patients’ progress over time, as well as export the information for patient records, physician progress notes, etc.

Your free 60-day dashboard trial will be activated when you register at


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