Frequently Asked Questions



Is the Activ5 app free?

Yes, the Activ5 app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple & Google app stores.

Do I need a smartphone to use Activ5?

Yes, a smart phone is required to use Activ5. Activ5 is compatible with most Android & iOS Devices.

You will need an internet connection or mobile data plan to download the Activ5 app and create an Activ5 account for the first time. After you create your account, no internet connection is required to use the Activ5 device or app. However, if you use the app while you are not connected to the internet, your workout data will not be uploaded until the next time you reconnect to the internet.

For more information, see Product Documents > Supported Hardware.

Does Activ5 track my calories burned?

Activ5 will track calories burned if the app is connected to the Apple Health app on your iOS phone.

Will my data transfer to my Apple watch?

Activ5 will track calories burned if the app is connected to the Apple Health app on your iOS phone.

Unfortunately, the workouts performed with Activ5 do not affect the Activity Exercise minutes ring. However, you can go to the Health app on your iPhone to see the full data for your Workouts using the Activ5 app ( look for the Activ5 logo in the “Workouts” section).

Note: Apple does not support Apple Health on iPads. Therefore, the Activ5 app cannot send the training data performed on an iPad to Apple Health.

Can the Activ5 app be accessed from a computer?

No, at this time we do not offer a desktop version of the Activ5 app.

Is there a way to update the email address associated with my Activ5 account?

Updating your email address is not possible with our current system.

However, we do not validate email addresses, so if your email is no longer valid, it will still work for logging into the Activ5 app.

How do I return my Activ5?

To return your Activ5, please notify the Activbody team at [email protected] to receive a return shipping label. We only accept returns that were purchased directly from our website and returns must be sent back to us within 30 days of purchase.

Is Activ5 suitable for senior citizens?

Yes, the Activ5 adapts itself to everyone’s strength, so it can be a great workout for senior citizens. However, we always recommend you consult a physician to see if isometric exercise is recommended for you.

Is Activ5 suitable for people with physical disabilities?

The Activ5 is a great way for those with physical disabilities to build strength, increase metabolism & tone your body. However, we always recommend you consult a physician to see if isometric exercise is recommended for you.

Can I use my Activ5 if I have high blood pressure?

The Activ5 is not recommended for users with high blood pressure. We recommend consulting a medical professional to see if the Activ5 is suitable for you.


How do I replace my battery?

How do I connect my Activ5?

To connect your Activ5 to your iOS or Android device for the FIRST time:
1 – After you enter your info into the app, you’ll see the “Let’s get your device connected” section.

2 – Turn the Activ5 on & the blinking BLUE light will start (on your phone, make sure Bluetooth is ON)

3 – The app will see your Activ5, which will have a name like “Activ5 XX-XXXX”

4 – Tap on your Activ5’s name & the light on the Activ5 will turn GREEN – connected!

5 – Give your Activ5 its own name (e.g. “Pat’s Activ5”)

NOTE: The steps above are to be done within the Activ5 training app itself, not in your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth settings.

To connect your Activ5 to your iOS or Android device AFTER the first time:
AFTER the first time, your phone & your Activ5 will know each other.

1 – Open the app on your phone & turn on your Activ5

2 – Your Activ5 light will turn from BLUE to GREEN and you’re connected!

3 – Select a workout or exercise and start

If you are having connection issues, here is how you can troubleshoot:
1 – make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone’s SETTINGS, airplane mode sometimes shuts off Bluetooth

– If step 1 doesn’t work, then:

a) Turn off Bluetooth in your phone’s SETTINGS
b) Quit the Activ5 app
c) Turn ON Bluetooth in your phone’s SETTINGS
d) OPEN the Activ5 app

Android Users:
Check your Activ5 permissions if you are still having issues connecting. To do that:
1 – Go to Settings in your phone or tablet –> Click Apps –> Click App Permissions
2 – Select Activ5 & make sure location permission is ON

Can an Activ5 be used by more than one person?

Yes, each Activ5 can be used by multiple users. Each user must download the app on their individual devices and create their own unique accounts.

How do I connect my Activ5 to my Apple watch? (iOS only)

You can connect the Activ5 app to Apple Health by clicking “Profile” on the bottom right hand side of the screen of the Activ5 Training app. Then, click “Connect to Apple Health”. Next, click “Turn All Categories On” and then click “Allow” in the top right hand corner.

Is there a specific way to hold the Activ5?


Can I create my own workouts?

No, but you can favorite your favorite exercises to create a workout “playlist” with exercises of your choice.

How do I favorite an exercise?

To make an exercise or workout a favorite, simply tap on the heart next to the title so that it turns orange

– For EXERCISES, the heart is to the right of the exercise description
– For WORKOUTS, the heart is below the workout title

Can I create my own exercises?

No, the Activ5 does not currently allow you to create your own exercises.

How do I change my theme?

To change your theme, click on the “Profile” icon at the bottom right hand side of your app.

Then tap “Themes” and select your desired theme.

Why does my Activ5 need to know my location? (Android only)

A location permission is required because Bluetooth scans are used to gather information about the location of a user in order to pair the device. However, this location info is used only for device scanning and Activbody does not collect any location information.