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The Activforce 2 is a patented strength and angle measurement platform that utilizes advanced technology to collect and track real-time, objective data, improving efficiency, increasing client retention and driving better outcomes.

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Precise and Actionable Data at an Affordable Price

Activforce 2 offers a portable, highly accurate and easy-to-use dynamometry solution that delivers quantifiable results at an affordable price.

Drive Better Outcomes

Combining the functionality of a digital dynamometer and inclinometer in one, Activforce 2 enables physical therapists to drive better outcomes by creating and prescribing recovery regimens supported by accurate, conclusive data.

Improve Compliance

One of the biggest impediments to a successful treatment is client abandonment before completion of a prescribed course of care. Activforce 2 can help improve compliance by offering a more accurate and objective gauge of the effectiveness of care.

Increase Revenue

A recent study showed that the use of Activforce 2 can help physical therapists significantly increase average visits per client, improve retention and decrease cancellation rates, resulting in increased revenue and better client satisfaction.

Product Spotlight

The Activforce 2 Kit includes:
Activforce 2 dynamometer
Rounded pad for testing most body parts
Arched pad to comfortably test angular body parts
Hand and leg straps to hold the device securely
Mobilization belt to aid in pull measurements
Belt loop plate
Custom carrying case

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Accurately Measure

Active and Passive Range of Motion (AROM & PROM)
Peak Force
Average Force
Force over Time
Force/ Weight Ratio
Muscle Symmetry
Neuromuscular Deficits

Quantify Progress

Results in real time
ROM progress
Strength progress
Data from test session reports delivered to your inbox
Train muscles and nerves to improve neuromuscular control