Objective Strength Measurement

Activforce empowers professionals to quickly measure muscle force and symmetry, providing immediate and precise data for evaluation and goal tracking from first session to successful recovery.

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The Proof is in the Data

Take the subjectivity out of manual muscle testing. Activforce is a strength assessment system that allows you to objectively gauge strength and quantify improvement.

Digital Dynamometer
Activforce includes a digital dynamometer that enables you to measure strength objectively, and evaluate right/ left symmetry. The free app provides testing protocols for all major muscle groups.

The Activforce dashboard lets you view and track your patients’ data over time. A single account may support multiple logins, and each login may track an unlimited number of patients.

Activforce can be used to test any muscle group and up to 200 pounds of force. Its small size and durable design allows for maximum flexibility.

How It Works

Activforce is a strength assessment system that comes with a digital dynamometer to objectively test muscle strength and symmetry, a free app to select protocols and capture patient data, and an online dashboard to view and track your patients’ progress.

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Activforce enables physical therapists and clinicians to perform muscle assessments that identify potential strength deficiencies that could lead to injury. The system allows coaches and trainers to perform baseline evaluations and track progress throughout the season to develop the most effective strengthening programs.


Activforce may be used post injury or surgery to assess muscle weakness and provide the data necessary to develop and track the most effective rehab protocols based on the patient or athlete’s current strength.