Recommended Muscle-Strengthening Workouts

Recommended Muscle-Strengthening Workouts

Exercise is crucial for a healthy lifestyle.  The Centers for Disease Control recommends engaging in muscle-strengthening activities at least twice per week in order to stay fit and healthy. Strength training is essential to any comprehensive exercise routine, and thus, is ideal for anyone, regardless of age or gender. A  form of strength training finding renewed popularity are isometric exercises, which are low impact and require no movement whatsoever (Housh, 1995). Isometric-based workouts are able to fully engage multiple muscle groups to build strength and endurance.

Isometric training, also known as static strength training, involves generating muscles force without changing the joint angle or muscle length. This kind of training is often preferred over isotonic exercise (which involves movement), as they share many of the same benefits. However, isometrics has a significantly lower risk of injury. Furthermore, isometrics require little space and thus can be performed in any environment.

How Activ5 Helps Muscle-Strengthening

Activ5 is a one of a kind device, which allows you to exercise anywhere. It is a Bluetooth-enabled, portable fitness device that includes over 100 isometric-based full body workouts. Together with its companion mobile app, Activ5 coaches you through each exercise, while measuring and tracking your performance. With a variety of workouts available, including simple seated exercises, fun standing, and more challenging floor exercises, Activ5 is suitable for anyone. All workouts are designed to be completed in 5 minutes. Thus, an Activ5 workout can easily fit into any schedule, whether you’re a stay at home mom or have a demanding office job. Further, as the device measures the force you apply and customizes to your strength level, Activ5 will deliver results whether you’re a fitness pro or novice.

An independent study commissioned to track Activ5 results revealed that in 6 weeks, strength increased by an average of 30%.  Top performers even lost 3 inches off their waist and had cut a significant amount of body fat (Gaut & Girandola, 2016). In fact, the same study found that Activ5 squats generate 39% more quad muscle engagement compared to traditional squats, illustrating how astounding isometric muscle-strengthening is.

Other Activ5 Isometric Exercise Benefits

In addition, there are also a majority of health benefits that make this device essential to your life. When undertaken regularly, isometric exercises has numerous benefits, including endurance, weight loss, improving range of motion, lowering blood pressure, and even ending bad habits such as smoking. A notable advantage of using Activ5 is the amount of time it can save you. For example, an average Activ5 exercise takes 30 seconds to complete, while workouts take up to five minutes. Therefore, you can accomplish a meaningful workout in a fraction of the time it takes to visit a gym. 

Since Activ5 isometric workouts are static and discreet, you can perform them on a plane, while seated or standing, or at home. In other words, you can avoid the burden of planning a gym workout. Most importantly, Activ5 workouts are quick and fun, facilitating you on your health journey and leaving you toned and full of energy.


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