Portable Fitness Device for Fun Exercises at Home and Office

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Portable Fitness Device for Fun Exercises at Home and Office

Almost everyone wants to be active, but many struggle to overcome the obstacles everyday life places in our way. According to the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (1), the most common reasons people don’t exercise are a lack of time, tiredness after work, and family/home obligations. The good news is, Activ5 created a portable fitness device that can provide a substantial strength training workout while at home or the desk.

The first of its kind, Activ5‘s revolutionary technology was designed by busy professionals and parents who also struggled with finding time for exercise. They worked for years to create a smart device that makes exercising quick, effective and fun. Activ5 combines technology and exercise science to personalize each workout to you and maximize every minute of exercise.

Benefits of Activ5’s Isometric System

To make exercise accessible, Activ5 comes with a smartphone app that coaches you through five-minute isometric workouts.  In isometric exercises, you tense your muscles against each other or a static object so your muscles are working hard but aren’t moving.  As a result, isometrics are often used by pro athletes for training and rehabilitation, because they are highly effective at building strength with little stress on joints and reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, scientists have proven that isometric training can also lower blood pressure, accelerate weight loss, reduce pain, and increase energy levels (2).

Activ5 is an innovative portable fitness device, unlike any other exercise equipment you’ve seen before. Activ5 is light but strong, fitting comfortably in your hand, pocket or purse. The device and app measure your strength and adjust each exercise to you. So while each exercise is short, it’s also challenging. You won’t break a big sweat with Activ5 (making it ideal for work), but you’ll feel the burn in your muscles.  You can workout with Activ5 pretty much anywhere – yes, even the center seat in coach class!

Activ5 isn’t just portable and fast, it gets results too. A study by Gaut & Girandola found users increased their strength by an average of 30% over six weeks by using Activ5 for just 5 minutes, three times a day (3). Activ5 is perfect for anyone who wants to get and stay fit but can’t devote hours to the gym. Also, it’s great for regular gym visitors who travel or are just looking to add some variety to their workouts. 

There is nothing else quite like Activ5. It will make you stronger and save you time. It may be one of the simplest and fastest way to increase your fitness, tone up, and achieve your health goals. However busy you are, Activ5 really removes your excuses, so get one and get strong!


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