Isometric Exercises for Basketball Players

Basketball season is back in full swing. As you watch the greats do what they do best, performing seemingly impossible feats on the court – it might seem like their secret to success is just natural-born talent, athleticism, and a lot of height.

However, as Steph Curry will tell you, shooting threes isn’t as easy as he makes it look. The best ball players are the ones who put in just as much work off the court as they do on it. A sport that involves your entire body and requires running on a hard surface can cause real damage if proper training isn’t in place. That’s why even the pros are constantly building and maintaining their strength and endurance.

Isometric training exercises are perfect for athletes who want to take their ball game to the next level. Not only do they strengthen all the essential muscles used while playing, they also help to rehabilitate an injury, reduce muscle soreness, and increase resistance – an essential skill in those sports where you may be pushed by your opponents. So, if you’re looking to become a force to reckon with out on the court, try these isometric exercises for basketball players.

Squat Outer Thigh Press

A strong lower body is crucial to provide a solid base on the court. Strengthening your legs helps keep everything aligned, and practicing that squat position you’ll be using before making a shot will help your accuracy.

How it’s done:

  • Squat as if you are sitting in a chair, keeping your knees over your ankles
  • Place Activ5 on the outside of your right thigh just above the knee
  • Press firmly on Activ5 as you squeeze your leg muscles
  • Keep your feet firmly on the ground
  • Repeat on opposite side

Seated Hip Internal Rotation

The key to jumping higher is strengthening your hip flexors. This exercise will give them a workout while also giving you a stretch, and lead to more power when shooting.

How it’s done:

  • Begin seated, holding the Activ5 in your left hand
  • Lift your left leg and place the Activ5 on the outside of your left lower leg
  • Rotate your left hip inwards while pressing your left lower leg into the Activ5
  • Repeat on opposite side

Pull Up

Just because you’re on your feet for the whole game doesn’t mean you should neglect your upper body. Powerful arms will come in handy when passing or shooting, and can help propel your body so you’ll run faster.

How it’s done:

  • Begin in the starting position facing a wall
  • Hold the Activ5 in your right hand with a 90-degree bend in your right elbow
  • Press your palm into the Activ5 and squeeze down without moving
  • Repeat on opposite side

Standing Leg Curl

No matter how amazing your skills are on the court, it won’t matter if you’re injured and can’t play. Keeping a strong lower body will reduce the risk of injury by keeping your hips aligned.

How it’s done:

  • Begin standing with your feet hip width apart, with the Activ5 in front of your left foot
  • Place your left heel on top of the Activ5 with your toes up and your hands on your hips
  • Flex slightly forward at the waist, keeping a straight back
  • Squeeze your left heel down and back into the Activ5 squeezing your left hamstring
  • Repeat on opposite side

Remember, to bring your game to the next level, focusing on those individual muscles through consistent training is essential for players of all levels. Wherever you ball, the Activ5 isometric training device will help you get your training in. When paired with the iOS or Android training app, it also allows you to track your progress and see data like heart rate and strength in real time. And the ability to create custom workouts that will push you towards improving your game? That’s a slam dunk.

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