Isometric Strength Training for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is on the rise in popularity, with new climbing gyms popping up in every city. This is for good reason – rock climbing is one of the most physically intensive workouts you can get, that involves every part of your body, even your fingers. Not to mention it’s fun, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and is a great way to get outdoors!

How Isometric Training Enhances Rock Climbing Performance

Every grip of the rock is an isometric contraction, making it even more important to incorporate these exercises into your training regimen. Having proper hand and finger strength is a huge part of rock climbing that sets it apart from other sports. Isometric exercises can help isolate those muscles so you can have a strong hold on even the most difficult grips.

Rock climbing exercises combine elements of many different sports. This means training all parts of your body is essential! However, it’s important to focus not only on your strength, but also your balance, endurance, and technique. This will help you complete longer routes and reduce the risk of injury. For killer rock climbing exercises you can do at home, try this isometric strength training workout:


Strengthening your forearms is essential for being able to scale any surface, whether in the climbing gym or on a mountain. The woodchop is a great exercise to work not only your forearms, but your entire body including shoulders, chest, and core.

How to do it:

-Hold Activ5 between both palms with your arms stretched out fully in front of you

-Place your hands on the outside of your right knee

-Press Activ5 as you contract your abs

-Repeat for opposite side

Lat Pull

Spending time improving your upper body strength will pay off big time when you’re on a route. The lat pull will put focus on building your back muscles, while also giving your shoulders and arms a real workout.

How to do it:

-Place the Activ5 in your right palm

-Straighten your right arm by your side, palm facing the chair

-Press Activ5 into the chair by squeezing your lat and tricep muscles

-Repeat on left side

Tuck Crush/Mountain Climber

As the name suggests, this exercise is perfect for climbers. It not only builds strength in your core, arms, and legs, but also helps you practice proper form when you’re on the mountain.

How to do it:

-Begin on your hands and knees

-Place Activ5 underneath your right palm

-Straighten your legs, keeping them hip-width apart

-Tuck your right knee to your right elbow

-Press Activ5 as you squeeze your core and leg muscles

-Repeat on left side

Leg Press

Although it would seem that upper body strength is the most important in climbing, having strong legs is vital for helping to push your weight up the route and give your arms a much-needed rest. The leg press is one of the best exercises to engage your legs as well as your core and hip flexors.

-In a seated position, place Activ5 under your right heel

-Press your heel into Activ5 as if you are trying to push it into the ground

-Repeat on left side

Using isometric strength training exercises is perfect to not only target specific muscle groups, but also get the full body workout you need to excel on any route. It’s also a great way to work in a short warmup routine before you climb, which is important to avoid getting injured.

Whether you are on the mountain or at the climbing gym, the Activ5 isometric training device will help you get your exercises in anywhere. When paired with the iOS or Android training app, It also allows you to track your progress over time and even create custom workouts that will push you towards perfecting your climbing abilities. See you on the mountain!

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