15-Minute Isometrics: Try This Intense Shoulder Workout

Women in sports bra stretching shoulder

Want the best isometric shoulder workout for achieving cut, well-defined shoulders? Take a look at our intense, 15-minute workout with some of the best isometric shoulder exercises of all time!

Isometric workouts are known for their ability to target certain muscle groups with extreme precision, so if you want to truly activate your shoulders, make sure to add this mini training program after your typical workout. 

And don’t be fooled by the quick run-time; after this isometric shoulder workout, your shoulders won’t know what hit them.

Your Custom Shoulder Workout

Here’s how to create this intense workout on the Activ5 Training App:

  1. Select the star in the top right hand corner of each exercise
  2. Click the star icon on the main bottom menu
  3. Go to the exercises tab
  4. Enjoy your custom workout!

Got it? Now, let’s get to the good stuff:

Woman sitting on orange block performing outer thigh squeeze.

Outer Thigh Squeeze

  • From a seated position, place your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Press the Activ5 with your left palm into your outer left thigh
  • Push back into the Activ5 using your outer left thigh
  • If you don’t have an Activ5, press your palm and thigh together for 15 seconds
  • Repeat for the right side

Man performing isometric seated shoulder depression with Activ5

Seated Shoulder Depression

  • From a seated position, shift your shoulders forward
  • Place the Activ5 between your left forearm and your left outer thigh
  • Press the inside of your left forearm into the device while engaging your shoulders
  • If you don’t have an Activ5, press the inside of your left forearm into your thighs
  • Repeat the exercise for the right side

Man performing seated shoulder elevation with Activ5.

Seated Shoulder Elevation

  • From a seated position, hold the Activ5 on top of your left shoulder
  • Shrug your left shoulder up into the Activ5
  • If you don’t have a device, shrug your left shoulder into your hand
  • Repeat for the right side

Man performing isometric pull up with Activ5

Pull up

  • Face the wall from a standing position
  • With a 90° bend in your left elbow, press the Activ5 device against the wall
  • If you don’t have a device, press your palm into the wall and squeeze your palm downwards without moving it
  • Hold for 10 seconds

Again, this workout will push your shoulders to the limit, so make sure that you’re getting a proper recovery period afterwards – at the very least, perform a nice shoulder stretch to cool down. 

For more shoulder-busting exercises, go to the Activ5 Training App (Android or iOS) and tap on the main “Exercises” tab in the bottom menu. Choose “Seated”, “Standing” or “Advanced”, and select the “Shoulders” section.

But what about the rest of the body? Now that Activ5 is available in Apple stores, you can mosey on down to the closest retailer to see the hundreds of full-body workouts available in one device. See you there!

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