Now you can get twice the workout in half the time:

Stay fit anywhere with the Activ5 and your smartphone or tablet! Build strength, track progress and embrace health with fun, easy to follow exercises.

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Activ5 is an At-Home or On-The-Go Exercise Program That Never Gets Old

  • Shed weight and tone up with isometric exercises
  • Break a sweat anywhere, in as little as 5 minute
  • Get hooked on 100+ fun and easy-to-follow exercises
  • Find your edge with workouts that intelligently match your fitness level
  • PLUS: Stay committed with tracking and addicting fitness games



Trusted by the Pittsburgh Steelers for Pro-Level Fitness

Activbody is a proud partner of The Pittsburgh Steelers, the first NFL team to adopt Activbody’s ActivPro pilot program for player strength training and rehabilitation.

Collaboration with the Steelers’ strength and conditioning coaching staff has been key to developing a winning performance solution.

Get Twice The Workout In Half the Time

Start your journey with this exclusive Activ5 Fit Package

5% of the proceeds go to the Challenged Athletes Foundation through 12/31

The Fit Package gives you everything you need to start burning fat and building muscle with engaging workouts tailored to your fitness level. Order today and secure a free smartphone stand!

  • Activ5 isometric training device
  • Stabilizing smartphone stand
  • Free shipping in continental USA
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty included, free of charge


Got an Apple Watch? It'll Track Your Activbody Progress

Record heart rate and calories burned using your Apple Watch and incorporate workout performance stats into your dally activity tracking.

Activ5 is available at all Apple Stores

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