Our first Activ5 Multiplayer Game: ActivSumo

Activ5 Games ActivSumo

Great news! You can now enjoy even more games with your Activ5! If you enjoy playing multiplayer video games and competing with your friends and family, we have some great news. We just launched ActivSumo, a game which allows you to compete in a sumo match against a digital or real life opponent.

Best of all ActivSumo is our first multiplayer game! In ActivSumo, as in the classic Japanese sport, opponents struggle to push each other out of the ring. Just as in real life, victory requires a combination of strength and dexterity.

ActivSumo brings a whole new dimension to the “one-on-one fight” genre, because you must use your muscle force to beat your opponent so each “match” is a real workout. You can play Sumo with anyone  – even if they’re much stronger or weaker than you. This is because the game incorporates Activ5’s calibration technology to create a level playing field for both players.

Now for the first time you can compete against your friends and really put your strength to the test! Of course, you’ll need two Activ5 devices to play in multiplayer mode. Just connect both devices via Bluetooth and you will be ready to start competing.

Download the new Sumo game from the Games section in your Activ5 app or by simply searching “Activ5 Sumo” in the App or Play Store.

We hope you enjoy this new addition! Comment below and let us know if you have other game ideas you like to see added to the Activ5 game library!


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