How can Activ5 augment your app creations?

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Use it as a game controller

Activ5 is the perfect game controller for single input
games (future versions of the hardware will support
range of motion).

The SDK supports:

  • Single player mode
  • Multi-player mode
  • Single player, multi-device mode

Build Fitness Apps & Challenges

Most people want to be a little healthier. A growing number are recognizing the benefits of strength training for both mental and physical health. There is still a lot of opportunity in this space.

The new Activ5 SDK gives you access to:

  • Personalized, Isometric data
  • Force over time measurements

Create Rehabilitation / Health Apps

Isometrics are extremely effective for rehabilitation because they are easy on the joints while building strength efficiently. Many clinicians, coaches and physical therapists around the world use them in muscle rehab.

The Activ5 SDK gives you access to isometric data:

  • Strength over time
  • Muscle symmetry

Pick Your Platform

The Activ5 SDK supports iOS, Android, and selected web browsers (Chrome and Opera).

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