Take Your Training Off the Bike: Why Isometrics Might Be The Secret Ingredient to Your Cycling Success

If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you frequent the cycle studio or spend a lot of your free time on a bike. Or, maybe this article caught your eye because you’re interested in picking up mountain biking or some other form of cycling as a hobby. In any case, we think it’s safe […]

Lupus Awareness Month: Top Exercises for People Living With Lupus

May is Lupus Awareness Month and as our tribute to this, we wanted to shed some light on ways people living with this auto-immune disease can get exercise and remain physically fit. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, more than 5 million people have a form of lupus, 90% of which are women. There […]

Isometric Exercises for Runners: Build Foundational Running Strength

If you thought that only dynamic exercises are good for strength and endurance, we must tell you that you are mistaken. If you are a runner looking to improve your strength, you need to look to isometric exercises to help you improve your running while coincidingly improving your strength. Isometric exercises are a type of […]

Top 3 Techniques for Effective Off-Season Football Training

The NFL Draft is just a few days away and although NFL season doesn’t actually start until September, players across the nation are still hard at work preparing for the first kick-off of the year. Building an effective off-season training program is extremely important when it comes to injury prevention, building strength and ultimately having […]

Reducing Stress During Anxious Times

There’s a reason that stress has been commonly referred to as the “silent killer” within the medical community. Study after study has shown that stress takes an enormous toll on the human body, increasing the risk of serious conditions including depression, chronic headaches, heart disease, insomnia, diabetes, fertility problems and high blood pressure just to […]

Help Increase Your Immunity with Easy Isometric Exercises

In the face of an unprecedented global pandemic, we are all concerned about taking steps to increase our chances of avoiding illness and staying healthy. No magic bullet exists, of course, and it’s important to point out that the best way to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus is to limit contact […]

It May be the End of the Gym as You Know It… but You can Still Feel Fine

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in a million big and small ways, and it doesn’t look like things will get back to normal anytime soon. We are all being called upon to do our part to “flatten the curve” and reduce the spread of the virus through social distancing. While this is undeniably […]

Chari Hawkins

5 Essential Isometric Exercises For Getting Faster and Stronger

When it comes to building strength and speed, isometrics might not be the first thing that comes to mind, however, continued research has shown that incorporating low-impact, high-intensity isometric workouts into your training program can actually have a dramatic impact on improving performance as an athlete.  So what’s the hype all about with isometric training?  […]

Isometric Pose

Benefits of Isometric Training for Women

Although isometric exercise can be beneficial for everyone, there are some perks of this training method that can be particularly beneficial to women. Isometrics are great for improving strength and stability, which are essential in group exercise classes, like yoga, pilates and barre. On top of that, they can have a positive impact on the […]

How to Build Endurance with Isometrics

A common misconception is that to increase your endurance, you should be doing all-cardio-all-the-time. But in reality, you don’t need to run like you’re training for a marathon to boost your stamina. Isometric holds build muscular endurance and give you your daily dose of cardio, no running required.