Activ5 Workout Device: Quick and Fun Exercises for Home and Work

Activ5 Workout Device Review

Review By Carrie French

The Activ5 is an amazing new workout device that makes exercise fun and accessible! This concept is truly innovative and makes fantastic use out of new technology. Bluetooth connects quickly, I can play my favorite music as background music with the app, it’s portable, and it’s engaging with real-time, on-screen metrics. Unlike other new fit gadgets, this one actually guides you through working out instead of just measuring it and the small device is partnered with a huge library of exercises for the whole body!


I really don’t like going to the gym, but I have been trying to go to a workout class at least twice a week. On the days that I don’t go to the gym, I find myself doing no exercise. With the Activ5, it’s so much easier to integrate even 5-15 minutes of exercise into my day, where I wouldn’t have done any before!

I work from home as a copywriter and work on my couch most of the day. With this device, I am able to get short bursts of exercise when I take breaks and it’s something that I can set up in seconds and use right at my workspace or on my living room floor. It’s also small enough to put in my purse and take with me wherever I go – like I just did on a mini-vacation! I love that there are premade workout playlists for goal areas of the body or based on where you are (sitting at the office, watching TV, on a plane, etc.) and I can favorite the ones that I love so it’s easy to find them in the future.

For me, working out has never been fun, but with this device it’s almost enjoyable! The Activ5 has just enough of a game element to keep me engaged, lots of workout and exercise ideas so that I don’t feel clueless about what I should be doing, and it’s easy enough to set up in seconds that there’s no hassle or prep time. Seriously, honestly – this device is awesome. I’m a huge fan!

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