Activ5 Health Tip: Workouts For Frequent Travelers

Activ5 Health Tip: Workouts for Frequent Travelers

Whether for business or pleasure, travel is a frequent part of modern life. Regrettably, even those of us who exercise at home, often forget or ignore  exercise when we’re on the road. Whether due to lack of time or the right equipment, exercise often takes a back seat. Ironically exercise is perhaps more important for frequent travelers who spend a lot of sedentary time on planes, trains and automobiles. We’re also less likely to eat well when we travel, making metabolism boosting exercise even more important.

Activ5 offers a unique device solution for people on-the-go, who do not want to compromise their health. Activ5 is compact, allowing you to accomplish full body workouts, regardless of the space or time constraints. Workouts with Activ5 not only include both sitting and standing exercises, but also require just 5 minutes. They can even be done on the train or in a plane.

Activ5 is the latest in technological innovation – it is a puck-sized device, which can easily withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure. Because of it’s small size, Activ5 is significantly easier to travel with as the device can fit right in your pocket, purse or briefcase. Simply connect Activ5 to the companion mobile app via Bluetooth, and choose from the variety of exercises targeting different areas of the body. You do not need any extra equipment – only Activ5 and your iOS or Android phone. By exerting pressure onto the device in a controlled manner, you can successfully build strength and tone your body. Gaut & Girandola (2016) found that participants who undertook a six week Activ5 Challenge, exercising with Activ5 for just 15 minutes per day, increased their strength by an average of 30%, the equivalent of a 5% weekly increase.

Gaut (2016) also compared Activ5 (isometric) exercises with traditional (isotonic) exercises. The study found that on average Activ5 squats generated 39% more Quad muscle activity compared to their traditional version. Further, when compared to a treadmill workout Activ5 produced 59% more Quad muscle activity. 

What separates Activ5 from other alternatives are its simplicity and efficiency. All you need is Activ5 and your smartphone. Space or time are no longer an issue. Simply select your desired exercise and adopt the position shown on the screen. You control the amount of pressure you exert on the device in order to follow a curve displayed in the app. It’s that simple! Activ5 uses the latest exercise science to ensure every minute is well spent, The workout sessions can be anywhere from thirty seconds to five minutes. It’s up to you and your schedule.

Activ5 keeps you active throughout your day with simple exercises that can be performed at your discretion. All exercises are designed to be fast and fun, while simultaneously improving your strength, burning calories and keeping you fit and healthy. Since Activ5 isometric workouts are static and discreet, you can perform them on a plane, train or in a hotel room, thus keeping you healthy and active anywhere, anytime. You do not have to sacrifice your health while you travel anymore!


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