Activ5 Health Tip: Working Out on an Empty Stomach May Actually Be Better for You

Activ5 Health Tip Working Out on an Empty Stomach

Whether you are meeting work deadlines or looking after your kids, fitting an effective exercise routine into your day can be a challenge. That’s why ensuring your workouts burn as many carbs as possible is vital to making headway with losing weight. However, despite your best intentions, it can feel as if your weight never changes. Fortunately, there is a solution for people who struggle with exercise routines. When trying to stay fit, one of the best things you can do to is to eat nothing before you exercise. Despite what you’ve heard, working out on an empty stomach may actually be better for you!

It Releases Fat

When you eat prior to exercise you have relatively high levels of sugar and energy, which your body uses during the workout. The liver stores any remaining sugars as glycogen. Once the glycogen stores are full, the body makes fat cells.

However, during a fast, the body burns stored sugar and fat instead, while energy levels remain the same. This is why exercising before eating a meal is an effective way to shed fat levels and use up those excess stores. In other words, you burn more calories on an empty stomach, as fat stores are used as fuel to power the body. This simple feat of physiology, when applied to daily exercise, can make all the difference when carb counting and keeping fit. It can be hard at first with decreased energy during a workout. However, the more you do it the more accustomed to it your body becomes and is better able to use fat as fuel. Anyone can include this small change into a fitness routine in order to make a big difference.

Timing Is Beneficial

Working out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach produces results.  Recently, researchers from the University of Bath tested the effects of exercise routines in the morning. Overweight but otherwise healthy men exercised each morning, both while fasting and after eating a meal. They found that the men who fasted burned more fat during exercise than those who ate a meal. This finding is significant for anyone who works out regularly but is still having trouble losing weight.

Is It in the Genes?

Another finding from the Bath study was that genes in the fat cells behaved differently depending on whether someone had fasted before exercise or not. In the group that fasted, the genes produced proteins to regulate blood sugar levels. These proteins contribute to a healthy metabolism within the body. By exercising while fasting, muscle cells and even brain neurons regenerate more often. After heavy lifting, energy levels need to be rebalanced in the body, so it’s important to eat after your workout. 

Activ5 can help you benefit from these findings as it is a portable fitness device meaning you don’t have to travel to the gym in the morning and can perform exercises at home. This is a powerful way of integrating an exercise routine into your daily schedule. When combined with fasting, it has the potential to really make a difference. By making the shift to an early morning exercise and working out before your first meal, you’ll exercise more effectively and be better able to maintain a healthy weight and physique.

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