5 of the Best Low-Impact Workouts for Those Over 50

Low-impact workouts for age 50 and up

5 of the Best Low-Impact Workouts for Those Over 50

According to Be Fit Over Fifty, remaining sedentary results in many of the conditions and symptoms of aging. However, many people still avoid exercise due to the fear of injury, especially those over the age of 50. A good solution is to perform low-impact workouts as they minimize the potential for injury and offer a wide range of exercises. Here are 5 of the best low-impact workouts that can help you stay active and avoid injury:

1. Rowing

Many people prefer rowing because it can provide a solid workout without putting any stress on the knees. This particular exercise can be done inside on a machine or outside while actually rowing on a body of water. Not only is it a strength workout, but rowing offers many cardiovascular benefits. Rowing provides one of the most intense, full-body workouts while still remaining low-impact and injury-free.

2. Recumbent Biking

A recumbent bike allows you to not only remain seated but to also recline comfortably throughout the exercise. There are several benefits to working out with this type of exercise machine. For starters, you won’t be leaning on the handlebars, which can cause strain on wrists and elbows. Further, the seat on the recumbent bike is not only comfortable but also provides the rider with a low center of gravity – this makes the rider and the bike more stable.

3. Swimming

Swimming is the ultimate low-impact workout that provides little to no stress on joints and muscles. High 50 Health states that, while swimming is low-impact, it still provides an incredible workout by using all the major muscles in your body. It simultaneously strengthens your whole body! What’s more, it also offers a great cardiovascular workout. Swimming is both a relaxing and fun way to burn calories.

4. Dancing

Whether it’s ballroom, salsa or any number of types and styles, dancing has been increasing in popularity in recent years. Dancing is a natural and fun way to get a workout in, without putting excessing stress on your joints. As dancing offers many different styles and tempos, it is easy to find one that suits your needs best. This means that anyone, regardless of age, can get a great workout and have fun in the meantime. Dance classes not only provide mental stimulation, but are also a great opportunity for social interaction!

5. Isometric Exercise

Isometric exercises are great as they do not require much movement and consequently, do not put enormous stress on the joints. These exercises are designed not to change the length of muscles, but to improve strength. Common isometric exercises include hand presses, wall sits, and various yoga poses. The Activ5 device is specifically designed to help you with isometric exercise in a way that is convenient, easy and fun. Paired with a smartphone app, this small and portable device presents you with a variety of quick and easy workouts that are all personalized to your fitness level. Activ5 coaches you through different exercises, all the while measuring and tracking your progress. You can exercise virtually anywhere and anytime. It’s flexible, portable and personalized.

The importance of staying active increases as you age. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun, low-impact workouts that help keep you physically fit and active.

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